Saturday, 3 March 2012

Paroled for good behaviour.

Last night something amazing happened...

I got a night off. A night off from my normal routine. The only bum I wiped was my own. The clothes I wore were not made of stretch jersey. My hair was brushed, my eyes were kohl lined and the company I kept spoke in complete syllables (for the first part of the night anyway).

I am talking ladies night, night on the town, dinner orders that didn't include happy meals, drinks, clubs, pubs, Byron Freakin' Bay baby!

3 of my favourite gal pals jumped on a tiny Rex plane and flew from Sydney to Ballina for a debaucherous weekend in the Bay. Seeing as this party town is just down the road from us, my darling husband dropped me off and headed back home to negotiate the war zone on his own for a night. Bless.


Some civilised beverages by the pool with a bit'o cheese platter action to start the proceedings. That's what I'm talking about. This was pretty short lived though, in part, thanks to an annoying mosquito like human that kept buzzing around. This young guy was pretty confident and the sight of four womenfolk enjoying each others company was too much for the young cub.

Dude "Hey, hey girls, hi, where are you from?"
Dude "Hey, hey girls, what are you drinking?"
Dude "Hey, hey girls, why don't you come for a swim."
Dude "Hey, hey girls, can you look out for my friends, we're gonna try & sneak 8 people into one room."
Dude "Hey, hey girls, where are you going tonight?"
Dude "Hey, hey girls, can you keep an eye out for the manager chick, I don't wanna get busted sneaking all those people in."
Me "I think you'll be OK."
Dude "Yeah, ya reckon? It'll be alright hey?"
Me "Mmm hmmm. There is no way anyone is gonna believe that you have 8 friends."

Time to go out.
I learned a few things. 
a) I love those moles with all my heart, but I kinda knew that already. 
b) After copious amounts of Mateus, Katie Jones develops the extraordinary skills of Adele and can put on quite a show on the piano at the Rails Hotel. I couldn't really hear properly but judging by the appreciative stares she was getting from all those seated nearby she must have been spectacular. 
c) My dear friend Bronnie is about to pen a book about her exploits in Cronulla. We have decided she should call it 223Ohhhh.
d) What I am discovering as time ticks by is that crowded, expensive, loud pubs on a Saturday night are no longer my thing. Eeek. I said it out loud. Party girl Rebel, who still loves a gig or a festival, just doesn't dig Saturday night pubs anymore. A little bit of time at a few different pubs & I was done. I had a fantastic time, but I had had enough. I'm pretty certain that I will never again feel the giant hands of a bouncer gripping my upper arm while he mutters "Come on m'aam, you're making a scene." Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

It was with a weary sense of maturity that Nat, the other Mummy in our group, & I decided it was time to carb up at the bakery and head back to our digs. We left the debauchery in the capable hands of the younger, childless, party animals amongst us and retired for the evening.

While our 9am stumble-inerers slept off some naughtiness, Nat & I ambled slowly around the magnificent Byron Markets this morning feeling only slightly shady. Life is good. No. Life is GREAT!

I am now back in the bosom (yesssss, I finally got to say bosom in my blog) of my little family and all is well in the world.

I hope the girls had an uneventful flight home. I wouldn't want anything to put them off coming up again VERRRRY soon. Got any plans next weekend moles?


  1. Love it, what a great description of your night out, and your general feelings of it all too. I also recently 'said it out loud'... and definitely know that the weekend pub scene is no longer for me. Give me a nice dinner and a bottle of wine, any day. That's a bottle for me, of course. You can bring your own, mole. ♥

  2. Sounds like fun. Byron Bay, that is near to Home and Away right :) We English do love our Aussie soaps!!

    I hear what you are saying, my girlfriends are a mixture of single, married with child or without, and we all agree that we have seen our days in the loud pubs. Get us a comfy sofa and a glass of red, somewhere we can hear ourselves think! How old!!!

    Great post

    1. Yep, that's what we did. Left the pub, got out of our fancy pants & into some pj's and flopped on the lounge. Now THAT was bliss!