Sunday, 25 March 2012

Narcissistic. But if true, bloody hilarious!

According to Wikipedia comedian Rebel Wilson and her family spent a lot of time at NSW dog shows as she was growing up. 

I know this, because 
a) I bloody love her , I'm always fascinated by other people who grew up with my name. It wasn't common to be anything but a Lisa or a Sharon in my day!
b) I was googling her because of point a)

It should be noted that I spent pretty much every weekend from the age of 5 at NSW dog shows or dog related social events. I mean EVERY single weekend. When I first read that she did too I was FREAKING OUT! Same name, same life, same physique.... WOW! 

But then I thought.... hannnng on a minute....

Now, while there were lots of dogs named Rebel, I have no recollection of any other children named Rebel. Particularly other chubby, funny children... 

So, I have to wonder if somebody, who knew me at that time, has seen her comedic stylings and said 
"Oh, I remember that chick. She was awesome at Junior Handlers... She hasn't changed a bit!" 
Perhaps, using their powers of recollection they then provided said information to Wikipedia.

This may seem slightly narcissistic, but it is entirely possible. And if true, bloody hilarious!

I hope that one day our paths collide. Is it possible that the whole time there was ANOTHER Rebel, queuing up behind me at the soggy Jaffle van? That would have been cool. Someone who could relate to the taunts of "Are your parents hippies or something?" and "Hey, what's your real name? That's my dog's name ya know". 

In the mean time, here's hoping there's a mix up with the royalty cheques!


  1. IT'S TRUE!
    Beagles. What a waste, we could have been pals...chums... (pun intended!)
    Bonding over our names.
    Man, I hope I get to have a drink with her one day <3

  2. I was actually named after a dog. Seriously. There are no comedians called Toushka. Rebel is a much cooler name. I love the possibility your narcissistic mind has created. Now I have to know the truth.

  3. I'm a narcissist.
    I did some further research with other members of our dog show kid gang. One of whom has grown up to be a dog show adult, and she tells me that while none of us actually remember Rebel, her family is a dog show family and breed Beagles.

    Still hoping there's a royalty cheque mistake in my favour...

  4. Thanks for following my blog, Rebel. I appreciate that.
    So you have a doppleganger.
    What a childhood having to go to dog shows. Unless you like it!
    I knew a woman called Rebel who would now be 70 or more. How 'outside the square' thinking her mum must have been. I've always loved the name.

    I was wondering where you had got to and if you were OK. Please don't leave it so long between posts. you've got fans, you know. xo

  5. Oh thank you!

    I know, I know... I need to blog. As it turns out, the birth of my blog life happened to co-incide with my return to work life... I'm still in that juggling phase and I may have thrown too many balls in the air. I'm determined to master it all though and seeing as this blog is a little something for me I promise MYSELF that I will squeeze it in!

    Now, dog shows... well, as a little kid I kind of dug the social aspect of it. There were tonnes of kids and we could pretty much do whatever we wanted while our oldies were otherwise occupied. My family bred Staffordshire Bull Terriers and there were a lot of funny characters associated with that breed. Not quite as polished as the poodle brigade let's just say! However, as I grew older, I realised there was a bit of a social stigma in the school ground about spending ALL weekend with your oldies and dogs. B.O.R.I.N.G. I begged to be allowed to hang down at Cronulla Beach with all my mates. Unfortunately, my parents must have seen Puberty Blues, 'coz that wasn't allowed. Once I got a weekend job though I was free, but I did put in a lot of years ringside prior to that, so it's surprising I never came across another Rebel.

    Ooh I would have loved to meet a 70 year old Rebel! That would have been cool. There was also the famous Rebel Penfold Russell who I have always heard tonnes about. It's not so much an outside the box name these days. I did hate it though. I'm the 2nd youngest of 8 children and the only one who got an abstract name. They also did me the favour of lumping it with my Grandmothers name, which I love, but teamed with Rebel as a first name makes me sound like a Transformer.

    REBEL ADA... the Rebelada... see what I mean. Then back to normal again for my younger sister who got Megan Leigh. Meh, it was the 70's I s'pose, who knows what they were on?

    1. you could be called The Rebelator!
      Like as in a person who gets things done.
      Well... you are on your way there with your juggling act of home and work. I hope you are enjoying them both AND the $$$$$$.

      Now... a point of interest. My aunt worked as gourmet cook [cordon bleu] and housekeeper for the Penfolds for many years and knew Rebel well. Told me tales but said they were a lovely family.

      I laughed at your Puberty Blues reference... Your Mum must be bloody super woman to have dogs and 8 children AND haul them off to shows. Maybe you take after her. I'm waiting for your next post to come up in my Google Reader!!!!