Wednesday, 22 February 2012

What about that stick I found one time that looked like a dolphin?

So, day 3. I'm not even sure if you're s'posed to blog every day. I really am just fudging my way through. My plan is to run at this all guns blazing... until I get distracted, Homer style, by a dog with a puffy tail.
I've just realised that I've spent my entire blog, thus far, talking about my husband and kids. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm not that woman yet. Am I? Surely I have more to talk about than 'Blah blah blah my husband'... 'Blah blah blah my kids....' djsfsdhbsfvsbscvdsbhiv oops, sorry, I just fell asleep on the keyboard. 
I have a life, I swear. Look, here's some pics of me out & about just this week...

*disclaimer. Fictional events, may not have actually occurred.

OK, so here we are. Post no. 3.
(Blog Rebel: You know, I'm really still not sure you're s'posed to blog every day. How can I find out? Is there some kind of blog timetable?
Rebel's brain: Look, I don't have all the answers. I am fairly certain though, that you should most definitely be eating some kind of cheese right now.)
What can I talk about? I took the kids to swimming lessons yesterday? No. ummmmm. What about that stick I found one time that looked like a dolphin? No, too controversial. 
(Blog Rebel: Maybe this could be the Seinfeld of blogs. The blog about nothing.
Rebel's brain: You may have frizzy hair lady, but you are no Elaine. Didn't you stash some chocolate around here somewhere?)

Look, I'm just gonna admit, this blog is going to be about my husband and kids. Quite frankly, they are the best thing about me. If I can get through the day without one of them (husband included) soiling my carpets, I'm kicking goals.
Just a heads up, you will hear about poo, you will hear about tantrums (mainly mine) and you just may get a giggle every now & then.
Welcome to my world, stay as long as you like. Just let me know how many of you there will be though, I might need to get more loo paper.


  1. THIS is why we are ya guts! xo

  2. you so funny Rebel.
    When I starting blogging I blogged everyday. I started running out of shit to say and burning dinner a lot. So, my blog ended up with heaps of crap filler posts about nothing. So I only blog a few times a week now. Except this week, because there has been something bloggable everyday - and I don't like it because it feels crowded now. The posts didn't have time to breath.
    Also, what I do, instead of blogging too much is I leave realllllly lengthy comments on other people's blogs... It's like guest posting, without even being invited.
    I would really like to hear about the dolphin stick.
    I have never found a stick that looked like anything but a stick. Or the letter l.
    I blog about my husband and kids too. thank god we moved to India so I have something to write about. My husband and kids and what they do, in India.... I'm going out to find a stick.


      Not sure if this link will work... but here it is. Part dolphin... Part stick...
      ee ee, ee ee

    2. ps. Thanks for the blog advice. Might pace it out a bit. I only have two kids left and that was my last stick.

  3. I agree with Toushka, I want to hear more about the dolphin stick!

    1. Welllllll you asked. We were staying at a caravan park called The Blue Dolphin. Earlier that day we had seen dolphins in the creek. Randomly a guy in a blue furry dolphin suit drove past on the back of a golf buggy... unless, of course, it was a real furry, air born dolphin... and then I found this stick. Not sure how to link up a pic in this comment but I uploaded a pic to my facebook page. I think, you'll agree, it's pretty much a wooden dolphin. I've always wanted a Jesus Toastie but this is pretty close I reckon.

  4. Ahhh! A fellow dodgy photo shopper! Excellent!

    1. you down with PS3
      yeah you know me...

      *currently running a much later version of ps than 3 but for rhyming purposes I'm going back in time.

  5. He heheheeee... love the photo, so couldn't concentrate long enough to do one myself, but I know mine would have me visiting Star Trek Conventions, flying on Magic Carpets that got stuck on the Eiffel Tower and doing amazing hoops acts on the tightwire at Cirque de Soleil. :-p

    I blog when I want to. When I am inspired, when I have something to say or ask or when I feel like reaching out to the wonderful blogging community!