Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Battle Lines

Yesterday I introduced you to Andy, today you will meet Cael - Boss of the World.

Cael is nearly 3 although is often mistaken for a school aged child as he is tall. T.A.L.L. tall! He also has superpowers.... wait a minute.... before you leave this post shaking your head at this obvious exaggeration, he really does. I have included photographic evidence.

What you are seeing here is Cael unleashing his power on the evil Mummatron who dared to try and get him off the lounge and to the table for breakfast. "Come on mate, time for brekky"

POW! Arm flies out, spit flies "pppppsssssshhhwwwwwshhhh". 

This is an example of him using said power to make Mummatron disappear. If the evil forces were really strong eg telling him to go to bed... or wear pants, he would use both hands and increase the amount of spit, unleashing his super-superpowers. It's tough, but Mummatron's forces are great too so it's a constant battle.

Spending the day with Cael is much the same as I imagine spending the day with any toddler boy. It's sticky, smelly, exhausting but bloody hilarious.

Here is a little something I wrote a while ago about a standard morning with Cael.

Me: "Come on mate, get ready, we're going to the park."
Cael: "Noooooo, no park. Beach."
Assess - Doable. No battle.

Me: Making sandwiches at the bench "I'm just getting lunch ready then we'll go."
Cael: "Noooooo, sammich gukky. Guk." Goes to fridge and insists on taking a punnet of cherry tomatoes.
Assess - Wattevs, pack both anyway. No battle.

Cael: Clomps down hallway wearing Ruby's shoes. Insists on wearing them.
Assess - Passion vs practicality. Passion wins. No battle.

Cael: Butt naked with the exception of Ruby's shoes, drops to ground, squeals and refuses all other garments.
Assess - No deal mate. Swords drawn, CHARRRRGE!


  1. LOL, I love your boundaries! He will grow up with a great ability to express himself.

    My other thought... How was Ruby about him wearing her shoes?

    1. Ruby is the coolest, most patient big sister ever.
      She'll make Justin Bieber a lovely wife when this wedding takes place. Oh did I mention they were getting married? Apparently they're betrothed.