Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Do you have a she-cave?

I used to take pride in my house. I had my stuff displayed lovingly, like some kind of eclectic boho, Bowerbird. Trinkets of coloured glass, draped ethnic fabrics... man, I nick nacked the shit outta my crib.

Then... (insert that scratchy record-coming-to-a-halt sound.....)

Kid one. 
She had a bit of 'the fear' in the beginning. She knew precious when she saw it, she knew better than to mess with my shit. It seems with the creeping in of tweenage hormones comes the bravery that sees her dipping her toes in the I-was-just-borrowing-it pool.

Kid two.
Introducing Cael. It's no use putting your shit up high 'cause this kid will climb. If he can scratch it, shatter it, smear it or throw a raw egg at it, he will... twice.

Kid three.
Forget it. You no longer have stuff. What you do manage to salvage will no longer be dusted, shined & displayed. It will now remain in whatever position has secured it's safety. Maybe once in a while you might run a baby wipe over it if you have one in your hand at the time.

I want a cave. A she-cave if you will. Andy has a man-cave. It's gross. It's basically half of the garage and it's full of stuff he likes but I wont allow in the house eg a huge, cheaply framed print of an African Lion, titty posters and the occasional matchbox car that he's stolen from Cael's collection. He's a muso so admittedly he does have stuff that the kids can't mess with in there. Although, on more than one occasion, he has had to shake various treasure out of his acoustic guitars. 

None of this is the point. He has a cave and I want one.

I kind of consider our bedroom my domain. It is the one room that doesn't look like the Play School set and while the kids occasionally get into my precious jewels it remains relatively grown up looking and sort of stylish.

Why oh why then, does my husband think it is OK to do this to my bedhead....

Seriously? He has a cave. I even assist him with his cave. I printed out some pretty saucy pics of Sophia Vergara, wet in a gold bikini. "Here babe, I saw these and thought you might like them." ... that kind of help. I didn't go and put in a nice table and corner lamp. So why does he think he can encroach on my domain? Arsehat.

The offending scarf was quickly removed. I felt violated. I couldn't just leave the bedhead naked as it was before. I needed to compensate for the prior injustice of poor taste. So, as is my want, I went overboard.

This is it now.

Much better. 

I still want a cave.


  1. Since moving out, my whole place is now my cave. Happy AND sad face here...

    Of course, now that I have my own place, I'm too poor to do anything with it! Of course, there's always garage sales. :-)


    1. Ooh garage sales are the BEST place to find treasure for your cave!

      Have fun marking your territory... GO WILD!

      Sending trinket mojo your way xxx

  2. right now, I live in a hotel room in Mumbai. I have a serious need to have a proper house and knew I had a problem when I found myself lusting after Dora's dollhouse in the toy sale pages.
    When we get back to normal town, Australia, I will have an office - and it shall be beautiful and it will be my cave. Hub's cave will be wherever his drums fit.
    love your bedhead.

  3. Love the Aussie insult of Arsehat,and the bedhead is amazing as are the peacock feathers.

    Make your cave, and then show us pictures :)

  4. Jeeze, Rebel... where have you been. I've been checking and checking then ,gave up. Just happen to go through my list' Fave Blogs' and saw yours so thought, 'have another look. Just in case she's back'. Viola.... so glad to read your latest exploits and I still luv ya. I am so with you over having your own cave. My favourite daydream as a kid was living in and decorating a cave! Now... keep up those driving lessons. i really don't know how anyone can exist without driving. Take care. xo